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About Me

About Me
From selling auto parts to lingerie?? That's right, you could say it took me some time to find my passion. 
After a rough divorce I was invited to work for my aunt and uncle, all I knew is that they owned their own business and wanted my help with online sales. Without hesitation I moved across the country to get a fresh start.
Before I knew it I was helping them sell auto parts! (which I knew nothing about)
It was very eye opening how successful an ebay business could be, up until that point I hadn't thought about owning a business and it was hard to imagine how I could possibly be able to support myself doing so.
I learned so much but due to a family emergency I had to move to NJ and help my family.
I wish this next part was made up but it isn't, the quickest job I found was doing construction demo work. I wish I could describe the look on the mans face when I was trying to convince him that I truly could do the job and he said "I'll believe it when I see it"
I was hired!
I definitely knew what hard work was and wasn't afraid of it but working for my uncle lit a spark and all I could think about it was being my own boss
Soon I found myself working as a personal assistant for a lady, I did everything from cooking, cleaning, running errands and my personal favorite shopping!
She started telling her friends about me and soon I began shopping for them!
The moment it became more than fashion was when I realized how happy it made me to help these ladies feel more confident
6 Years Later...
I now shop for local and International Ladies and Gents who are looking for specific items and or don't have time to shop or simply want me to shop for them!
I've learned that shopping for lingerie is hard for some people because we often forget that lingerie is simply fabric if all we do is wear it. The moment we let it embrace us and we start feeling sexy, confident and empowered, THAT'S when it becomes lingerie and that's when Lingerie helps us understand what our Boudoir means to us.
Whether we're feeling romantic and dreamy, flirty and playful or mysterious and modest , lingerie helps us express the multiple facets of our personality and emotions. Our preferences, dreams, desires and fantasies
What does your lingerie say about you?
Welcome to My Boudoir
"Find Your Inner Goddess"